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Our expertise in custom software innovations gives you the flexibility of engaging highly experienced resources that leverage the best technologies and development strategies to give your unique software idea the optimum advantage to tower over competition in the digital landscape.

We ensure that coding standards are of the highest quality by validating each line of code through our fool-proof documentation processes. We then continuously phase out bugs and errors through our comprehensive testing and QA processes, using best-in-class testing tools and technologies.

School Management System

The school management software automates and digitizes multiple school processes in order to reduce the burden on the school while also increasing efficiency and cost effectiveness. Efficiency is increased because the school management software takes over multiple tasks that would be performed by personnel, that are prone to human error and take time to complete these tasks that school managements finish much more efficiently and quickly. Cost effective because they reduce the labour hours and man hours for every school across the board. School management software is thus a necessary technology in this modern day and age to ensure the efficient and effective running of a school.

Key Features

Employee Payroll System

A payroll system calculates the amount you owe your employees based on factors such as the time they worked, their hourly wages or salaries, and whether they took vacation or holiday time during the pay period. The system adjusts gross pay by calculating and subtracting taxes and other withholding amounts. On payday, the system provides your employees with paper checks or payroll deposits and a summary of the information you used to calculate their gross and net wages.

Key Features

Inventory System-Retailers

Keeping a close eye on the level of inventory requirements is the key to smooth and uninterrupted functioning of any production department. Sound functioning of a production department improves the overall working of other vital interrelated departments. Businesses strive to optimize their level of inventory management, but a very few really succeed in doing so.Systematic and accurate recording of inventory movement at different stages result in better inventory tracking. Our store module helps you meet your supply chain goals by achieving perfect order fulfillment and reduced operational (holding) cost. By generating detailed reports on various essential aspects of store management, it offers visibility into critical inventory levels.

Key Features

Inventory System-Distributors

With the increasing importance of globalisation,our solution allows you to maximise control and maintain accuracy over your global supply chain. Whether you distribute globally or locally, it calculates margins accurately. With increased accuracy in your margins, you can have increased confidence in your reporting. Know exactly what stock you have and where it is located. You can easily keep track of stock.Achieve complete traceability with serial number and batch number tracking. Unleashed’s tracking feature means you can always identify and locate your goods.

Key Features

Restaurant Management

Running a restaurant is no easy feat. You have a never-ending list of tasks, from managing the front desk, to revising menus and checking in on the kitchen. Whether you own a fast food restaurant, or fine dining establishment, install the restaurant management app to get the most out of your restaurant business.

Key Features

Bakery & Sweet Shop Management

Combine different things together so they work as one unit your multiple time-handling tasks into a brought together as one business process activity with our POS Solution. It covers features such as a combination of different things together that work as one unit. Multiple Combo Management, Production planning, Home Delivery, and so on. Billing is Easy Pictorial Interface for fast billing. Manual Cost Control, choice of cost for things with multiple Prices Create multiple cost records

Key Features